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杂草几乎是每个园丁都喜欢讨厌的东西。我们花了几个小时挖掘他们的地面,但顽固的小植物继续弹出我们不想要的地方。如果你有像我的任何东西,你总是在杂草上留下。那么为什么地球会想要庆祝Weed Appreciation Day? What is there to appreciate about weeds?

blue flowers of pretty weeds at our local park

pretty weeds – blue blowers

Weed Appreciation Day (March 28)

Although this may seem like an odd thing to celebrate, there actually are quite a few things to appreciate about weeds! But before we dive in, let’s take a look at what a weed is.

What is a weed?


Many plants often considered to be weeds fill valuable ecological roles and can even benefit humans. Their flowers feed songbirds with their seed and bees, butterflies, and other pollinators with their nectar. Other parts of the plants serve as food for a range of wildlife, and many species play host to native caterpillars.

Consider for a moment how much time and effort people put intokeeping their lawns weed-freeand then how much money they spend on birdseed to replace the native diversity replaced by manicured grass. I’m not saying we should all stop mowing, but maybe we could each convert part of the yard to a native wildflower garden, or at least let the dandelions come up in the spring (please don’t use herbicides!).

Speaking of dandelions, many common garden weeds are edible! You likely have heard that dandelion greens not only make a great spring salad but also provide a rich source of vitamins. Other edible “weeds” include purslane, chickweed, purple dead nettle, lamb’s quarters, redroot pigweed, and dock.

tiny pink weeds flowers at the park

What is Weed Appreciation Day?

Though we don’t know when or by whom, March 28 was designated as Weed Appreciation Day. We do know that it was established to acknowledge that weeds are simply plants growing where we don’t want them and to celebrate these underappreciated plants so often dismissed as undesirable.

Weed Appreciation Day serves as a reminder to go outside and taker a closer look at those plants you love to hate and find something to admire about them.How would you look at that plant if you found it somewhere other than your flower bed or the cracks in your sidewalk?

How to celebrate Weed Appreciation Day

chickweed flowers
  1. Change perspective.Few cultivated plants have begun showing much life this early in the season, but you likely already have weeds sprouting in many places. Take a stroll through the garden and pause to observe any weeds you notice. Instead of thinking about how much you want to rip it out, look at each plant’s flowers (if it has any), leaves, and overall structure. Is it beautiful? What roles might it play in the ecosystem?
  2. Learn more.Take some time to learn about the common weeds in your area. Do you know the names of the plants you pull up as you weed? Pair this with the first recommendation above, and carry a guidebook to the garden with you to identify each plant you observe. Or take a photo of each plant to identify later or through an app on your phone.
  3. 吃杂草。If you can already confidently identify at least some of the weeds in your garden, find out which ones are edible (as well as how to properly prepare them) and give them a taste! However,除非你可以用100%确定它是什么,否则永远不要吃工厂. Some edible plants have poisonous lookalikes, so it’s extremely important to properly identify them. Invite a knowledgeable friend to show you edible plants in your yard, or sign up for a wild edibles walk with an expert.
  4. Share knowledge.在社交媒体上分享杂草升值日,以及您在研究杂草时学习的一些重要或有趣的事实。如果你是那些已经知道哪些杂草是食用的知识渊博的朋友,可以帮助朋友和家人在院子里识别杂草,并教他们如何正确准备它们。也许你甚至可以计划自己的野生爱好者走!


Why should you celebrate weed appreciation day?

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